Volume 7 by William H. Patrick

Volume 7 is an incredible addition to this series.  It is probably my second favorite of the series.  It is stock full of public and private arches in the general gorge area.  I have personally had the pleasure to visit quite a few of the arches located within this volume and they are remarkable.  I think the reason I really like this volume, is the fact that after 6 previous volumes and over 600 documented arches, that Bill still had some wonderful and photo-worthy arches up his sleeves.

In this installment of the series, Bill went back to the scene/chapter selection by letter of the alphabet.  Other than a few letters of the alphabet, that keeps it under 5 arches per scene.  Still not my favorite way of dividing up the DVD's but it works pretty well.  I guess my reason for liking one scene per arch, is that makes it much easier to copy down the coordinates for each location.  Volume 6, in particular, took me forever to copy them all down.  I still haven't done it for Volume 7, after a year, because of the way it is divided.  That is pretty minor though since most people will copy down only what they are venturing to see, instead of copying the entire dataset.

Here is a look at the scene breakdown in Volume 7.  It is a similar look in the previous volumes.

Volume 7 by William H. Patrick

Also, the arches start with a picture of the arch, with the name and location information as it is on all the previous DVD's.

Volume 7 by William H. Patrick

I really like that format that he came up with back in 2002 and has carried it through all the volumes.  It makes it easy to follow along.  After showing the arch for 5 or so seconds, the video goes into the maps, videos and other pictures of the arch.

As this is my second favorite in the series, I would highly recommend it as it is stock full of some great arches that are lesser known for you to go explore and visit.


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