Volume 4 by William H. Patrick

Volume 4 was released quite a while after the first three volumes.  It was not released until 2014.  Because of that, two things stick out about this DVD.  The sheer number of arches included is massive compared to all the other volumes.  166 arches are included in Volume 4.  I'd imagine this is because of the long lull between Volumes 3 and 4.  The other is the photograph quality jumps considerably in Volume 4.  The advances in technology and camera equipment make this volume much more modern looking for the current times.

This volume is broken into scenes/chapters for 5 arches at a time.  The numbered listing on the DVD matches the numbers on the back of the DVD case.  So you can quickly scroll to blocks of 5 arches.  The odd thing about this DVD is that some of the text for the arches is in yellow and some are in white.  I am not sure why that is, but I like the white text much better.  Looks cleaner.  It, however, does not take away from the value of this volume.

Like all the DVD's there are several gems in this DVD, which includes Noah Spout.  I am a fan of this DVD because of the arches that are located at or near waterfalls.  This is another one of the volumes that I have barely visited any of the arches, but there are a slew that are on my list to visit, enjoy and photography myself.  Because of that, if you have visited the main attraction arches, as well as the 'well known' off trail arches, I would recommend picking up Volume 4 and check out some of the nice sized and unique geological arches that are included within.

With Volume 4, Bill started releasing the DVD's almost yearly, having missed only 2016 since.  2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 & 2019 all had volumes released.

To see a list of what is included in this DVD, visit the website.

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