Volume 1 by William H. Patrick

Volume 1 is the first of the Arches of the Red River Gorge series of DVD's by Bill Patrick.  This first DVD was released in 2002 and mostly covers official arches that have official trails to them.  Being 17 years old, the photographs on the DVD, are of the quality of that time.  The best part of this DVD for me is the information and tidbits of history that Bill teaches you about in his voice over on the DVD.  There are several that I did not know of before watching through the DVD for the first time.  

As will the following 6 volumes, Bill uses USGS topographical quad maps and marks them up on how to reach each of the arches.  Also, GPS coordinates are included, which is intriguing to me.  GPS devices did not really go mainstream and widely used for another 5 years ± and in 2000 was when the military finally stopped scrambling the signal for consumer devices, making it much more accurate for the first time.

Most of the arches on this DVD you could find directions and information from other sources including the USFS official maps of the Red.  If you are newer to the Red, then this DVD will get you started on your arch hunting path, visiting all the main, big and popular arches while giving you tidbits that you will not learn elsewhere.

This DVD is the only one of the series without scenes, requiring you to fast forward on a DVD player to get to later arches, or just clicking around on a PC to find the arch you are looking for.

I would recommend this volume for people new to the gorge or looking to hit the highlights for the first time.

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