Arches of the Red River Gorge is a series of DVD’s that are produced by Bill Patrick.  Each volume includes location, maps, directions, videos, photographs and voiced over information of arches in the general Red River Gorge area.  If you are into hiking in the Red, then his series of DVD’s is a must. They vary in the quantity and quality of arches, but every DVD has at least a few if not 10 or more arches that are worth visiting for the non-arch or non-geology lover.

Volumes 1-7 by William H. Patrick

If you love arches or are fascinated by geology, then the DVD’s are just stock full of wonderful arches and information.  


The standard format of the DVD’s is to have the arches broken up into scenes.  Most of the DVD’s are just placed with scenes every so often after a few or a handful of arches, then marked as a new scene.  This way you can quickly get near the arch you are wanting to look up. This is my personal complaint about the DVD’s. Volume 2 is actually broken up with a scene for every single arch, so you can extremely quickly get to the arch you are wanting to watch and get the information for.  Volume 7 breaks it into the alphabet (a scene per letter) and is probably a good compromise, especially with each DVD containing at least 100 arches the last several volumes.


Below is a list of the number of arches shown on each DVD.  The earlier volumes include the more widely known arches. The later volumes include some fantastic recent finds as well as lots of obscure and smaller arches or windows.  Clicking on the links will take you to brief reviews on each DVD and the pros and cons of each particular volume.


Volume 1 - 52 Arches

Volume 2 - 78 Arches

Volume 3 - 105 Arches

Volume 4 - 166 Arches

Volume 5 - 100 Arches + Carter Caves Arches

Volume 6 - 100 Arches

Volume 7 - 100 Arches

Volume 8 - 100 Arches (Unreleased - Expected June 28, 2019)


To order copies for yourself, which I personally recommend, please visit Red River Gorge Arches.  You can purchase via PayPal and Bill sends them out pretty quickly, often with a thank you note.

Volumes 1-2 by William H. Patrick

All included photographs and screenshots for this review are of work owned and copyrighted to William H. Patrick.