Volume 5 by William H. Patrick

If I had to pick my least favorite of the series, Volume 5 would be it.  The DVD itself is wonderful.  The DVD's feature different types of sources of music and the flute music is superb on Volume 5.  The reason it would be my least favorite would simply be that I am not that hardcore into arches.  I enjoy them and visit them often.  I even document small arches that I find while traveling to waterfalls, but I do not go out of my way to visit more obscure arches.  This volume is full of cave arches as well as the more obscure smaller arches and windows.  This volume is for those that want to visit lots of arches in the Red.  

The best looking (to me) arches on this DVD are located on different private properties, some which you can visit.  I have yet to do that.

The great thing about this volume is the inclusion of the arches of Carter Caves State Resort Park.  If you are wanting to venture away from the Red, then this volume gives you a great bonus of around 13 arches located in the state park.  Because of that, as well as the 100 arches in the general Red area, I would recommend this volume for your collection.

This is the first volume that splits the scenes/chapters into the letters of the alphabet.  I personally liked the type of Volume 2 and 3 better as some letters have more than 10 arches on Volume 5.  Making navigation more cumbersome than on earlier DVD's.

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