Volume 3 by William H. Patrick

Volume 3 was released in 2005 and was the first DVD in the series to include over 100 arches in it.  That has since become the standard and every DVD since has included at least 100 arches on it.  Volume 3 has a series of pictures of landscapes of the gorge on it as well as the arches.

Like Volume 2, Volume 3 also has a scene/chapter for each arch, making navigation a breeze.  I have honestly been to not many arches that are included on this volume.  There are a handful, but this volume includes a slew of smaller opening arches that are more for the dedicated arch visitor.  There are several gems on the DVD, as there are on every single volume.  Sandy Arch, for example, is located on this DVD, but I have yet to visit that arch even though I have hiked by it often.  This DVD includes most of the arches up in the Copperas Creek watershed, and makes a great companion for a hike to Copperas Creek Falls, adding several other destinations to that hike.

I would recommend this DVD to the more serious arch explorers, that want to visit many different types of arches in the inner Red.

To see a list of what is included in this DVD, visit the website.

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