Volume 2 by William H. Patrick

Volume 2 came out in 2004 and is perhaps my favorite of the series.  This is for several reasons.  It was the first of the series that I purchased.  After I moved back to Kentucky, I was looking to explore the Red myself and had heard of several arches that just looked fantastic.  Alas, I could find no information on them other than these DVD's by Bill Patrick.  So I bought the one that had several of the arches that I wanted to visit on it.  Volume 2 is what I got my hands on and off to the woods I went.  Following the GPS coordinates and the directions to find Cherokee Arch, Hopewell Arch, and others.  Today it is much easier to find information on this arches from a variety of online sources, but at the time that was not the case.

I also love this DVD because there is a scene or chapter for each arch.  It makes it very quick and easy to go directly to the arch that you are wanting to watch up on.  Like Volume 1, it starts with a picture of the arch with text stating its name and location in degrees, minutes and seconds.

I obviously highly suggest buying this DVD once you have visited the main attractions of the Red, like the ones located on Volume 1.  Over the years, I have personally visited a slew of the arches on this DVD, and even though many of the arches within this volume are well known in the community today, it includes the lesser known arches of the time of publication.  They still hold up as some of the most spectacular arches that I have visited in the Red.  Even better yet, it is available at the cheaper price point of the DVD's.

To see a list of what is included in this DVD, visit the website.

To buy this DVD visit Red River Gorge Arches.  The price is $10, no shipping.