Now that Arch Awareness Month is behind us (what is that?  Check out the Arch Database for lots of sweet stuff!), the other databases have been updated as well as the arches a month or so ago. 

The database now stands at 1000 waterfalls. That is pretty awesome and has been quite the journey to get to this milestone.  The number of confirmed falls still lag under 1000, but they are quickly closing the gap thanks to the work of Ronald Parrott, Mike Hoffman, and several newcomers who are exploring away.  Thanks to all of them.  Tyler Adams, Rick Metzger, Keith Haag, Jeff Crady, Matt Hemsath, Lauren Kallmeyer, Jim Ledford and others that I am missing, thanks.  You all are incredible and thank you for using the database, but thank you more for submitting and making it better.  Sharing is caring!

The arch database has been updated and it now has 2542 arches (2636 including false arches & small windows), 835 of which are on the maps.  There are also 221 possible arches or leads in the database.  Check them out on the Arches Map.

The waterfall database has been updated and now includes 1000 waterfalls, with 900 waterfalls on the map.  Check them out on the Waterfall Map.

The overlook database has been updated and now includes 218 overlooks, with 217 overlooks on the map.  Check them out on the Landforms Map.  This is a huge thanks to Mike Hoffman and his endless adventures to overlooks and submitting them to the database.  

You can check them all out on my favorite site feature, the Landform Map, which has everything on it!

If you know of something not on the map, something that is incorrect, or you have a picture to add to a landform, please SUBMIT HERE.