The overlooks database has been updated to 176 overlooks, mainly thanks to Mike Hoffman who submitted a slew of sweet overlooks throughout southern Kentucky.  Check out the Landforms Map to see them.

The arch database has been updated as a lot of work is currently ongoing with it.  It has 1628 arches (1708 including false arches), 527 of which are on the maps.  Check them out on the Arches Map.

The waterfall database has been updated and now includes 870 waterfalls, with 821 waterfalls on the map.  Thanks to Mike Hoffman for the latest additions to this database.  Check them out on the Waterfall Map.

You can check them all out on my favorite site feature, the Landform Map, which has everything on it!

If you know of something not on the map, something that is incorrect, or you have a picture to add to a landform, please SUBMIT HERE.