There has been some good work on the backend of the sites in the past couple of months for updating the different databases as well as making the site and databases even more automated.  If you have not checked out the Landform Map, I highly suggest it, since it shows everything on one convenient map.  Also, LiDAR and Aerial imagery have been added to several of the maps including the Waterfall, and Landform Maps.  The aerial imagery does not cover the entire state, but it covers all of Daniel Boone National Forest and is at a 6" pixel resolution.  Making it quite the resource for checking out overlooks and other geological features!  Thanks to Bill Fultz for the dedicated work on updating and correcting the database entries.

The Overlooks are close to being updated and are nearing in on 150 overlooks.  After that, the largest database, Waterfalls, is to be updated with quite a large amount of new content.